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Bring your next pay day forward - get an advance of up to £1000 & then repay it on your next pay day...

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Representative 1737% APR

Representative example: If you borrowed £500 for 28 days at a fixed rate of £25 per £100 borrowed (which is a fixed annual interest rate of 300%) you would repay £625 in one lump sum on your next pay day.

Cash Generators vs. Payday Loans

Before you choose your cash generator method read this first...

There are numerous cash generators - cash generator pros and cons:
  • Cash Generators no. 1: Take on a second job - you earn the cash, not borrow it, but do you have the spare time?
  • Cash Generators no. 2: Borrow from friends or family, but you don't want this cash generator to be a conflict generator
  • Cash Generators no. 3: Sell things you own, that you no longer need. This method may only have limited potential
  • Cash Generators no. 4: Take a cash advance on your credit card - but cash advances could be an expensive option.
  • Cash Generators no. 5: Payday loan cash advances are small cash loans repaid on your next pay day. The modern version of this, like QuickSilver, is 100% done online.
  • Cash Generators no. 6: Cash converter or pawn broking loans secured agains a valuable item you leave with them. More about the disadvantages of pawn broking.
So, there are various methods of getting extra cash. You need to consider which offers you the best route for what you need.
Perhaps the best quick cash generator method - a QuickSilver Payday Loan

Our method is 100% secure and done 100% over the internet. It's private too so no one will ever know you used our service. Within 24 hours you could have up to £1000 deposited straight into your bank account for immediate access. It's the modern, convenient and fast way to get the cash you need to cover those unexpected bills.

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Payday loans (not cash generators) can also be an alternative to cash converters.